About Us

BEIJING SHOU GANG-GITANE NEW MATERIALS GO., LTD is a specialized manufacturer,with a history of over 60 years, for producing special alloy wires and strips of resistance heating alloys, eletrical resistance alloys, stainless steels and spiral wires for industrial and domestic application etc. The company cover 88,000m² and has an area of 39,268m² for workroom. GITANE owns 500 clerks including 30% on technical duty. SG-GITANE obtained the certficate for quality system of ISO9002 in 1996.GS-GITANE obtained the certificate for quality system of ISO9001 in 2003.

SG-GITANE company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of industrial and civil electrothermal alloy wire, strip, precision alloy wire, super easy cutting stainless steel wire, carrier material of automobile exhaust purifier, brake resistance strip of high-speed locomotive and urban rail locomotive, amorphous tape and magnetic core, energy storage electric heating material, special stainless steel wire, strip and special stainless steel welding material. SG-GITANE itself owns a complete set of production facilities including melting, forging and rolling,drawing, head treatment,straightening and polishing etc. By adopting advanced equipments and technology. This company is characterized by unique production technology, compete quality control appliances, stable quality of product,and satisfactory varirty of grades and specifications.

SG-GITANE company has "high tech enterprise identification certificate", "Beijing Enterprise Technology Center certificate" and "Changping District industry university research integration demonstration enterprise". In 2010, the company was rated as the "standard unit" of safety production standardization management system by Beijing Work Safety Association; from 2010 to 2012, it was rated as Beijing Changping District by Beijing Changping District People's government "Advanced unit of energy conservation"; in 2011 and 2012, it was rated as "advanced unit of energy conservation" in Changping District of Beijing by the leading group of energy conservation and consumption reduction of Beijing Changping District.


In 2011, it was rated as the "standard unit" for safety production standardization of industrial enterprises in Changping District by Beijing Changping District Administration of work safety; in May 2012, the iron chromium aluminum metal fiber wire material produced by our company obtained the national key new product certificate issued by the Ministry of science and technology; in 2012, the company's trademark "SPARK" was awarded the famous trademark of Beijing; in charge of Compiling "GB / t-1234 high resistance electric heating alloy" ”"Fe Cr Al foil for metal honeycomb carrier of automotive exhaust catalytic converter", "GB / t36516 Fe Cr al fiber wire for automotive purification filter", "GB / t13300 rapid life test method for high resistance electrothermal alloy";


In 2015, it became a demonstration unit of achievements transformation of high-tech enterprises in Beijing; in 2015, it won the innovation award of China Industry University Research Cooperation issued by China Industry University Research Cooperation Promotion Association; in 2015, "research achievement transformation project of high-performance new materials for automobile exhaust purification" won the first prize of product quality innovation contribution award of Beijing product evaluation center. Adhering to the harmonious development of enterprises and society, the company has invested nearly 10 million yuan to strengthen the construction of environmental protection and energy-saving facilities, and won the title of advanced water-saving unit in Beijing.

SG-GITANE devotes much attention to the need of market and the development of new products, possesses a keen-witted and capable team of technical personnel. Welcome personalities of various circles and friends at home and abroad to visit,hold business talks and spread the economic coopercation with us.we would like to provide efficient service and excellent products for customers.